Clamp QF Galv 10in Nitrile

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Nordfab's Quick-Fit® Clamp provides quick and easy connections for Nordfab’s Quick-Fit Duct ductwork. Quick-Fit Ducting is ideal for dust collection and process ventilation systems, saving time and money on installation, future relocations, and cleanouts.

Clamps come standard from Nordfab with Nitrile seals and bridge pin for locking clamp into closed position. Galvanized supplied with galvanized bridge pin. SS supplied with SS bridge pin.

  • 3″ to 6″ Clamps: Small bridge pin with 3/8″ wide Nitrile seal from factory.
  • 7″ to 11″ Clamps: Large bridge pin with 1/2″ wide Nitrile seal from factory.
  • 12″ to 24″ Clamps: Large bridge pin with 5/8″ wide Nitrile seal from factory.

Silicone and ePTFE are optional seal materials for applications where temperature is not suitable for nitrile.

What is the best seal for my application?

  • Nitrile seals are inserted into QF Clamps as standard. Rated for max. intermittent service temperatures of 194° and continuous 158° F. There is no additional charge for nitrile so it is the most economical choice.
  • Silicone seals are an economically priced option for operating temperatures above 158° F. Rated for max. service temperature of 400° F, silicone has an extremely broad temperature range capability as it is also very good in low temperatures, remaining flexible at -60° F. Additionally, silicone offers superb resistance to weather aging and ozone.
  • ePTFE seals are not degraded by any common chemicals (0 - 14 pH range) FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY. Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations. Max. temperature rating of 600° F.

Seals stocked in rolls of 50′.

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Warranty Information

Nordfab products have a limited 12 month warranty for manufacturing defects.

Warranty details here: Nordfab Terms & Conditions

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