In the early '80s the owners of Airmax Systems were in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. Nearing 1990 they saw the potential for dust collection systems in so many different industries, and in 1995 Airmax Air Purification Systems Inc. was born!


Since 1995, we have collected valuable experience and some truly remarkable products. With our professional experience and some of the best product lines available, we offer outstanding solutions. We will work with your company to provide quality products, professional installation to help your company increase worker safety, energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.

Airmax Systems specializes in efficiency and high performance. Our dust collectors are designed to filter out dust particles using the lowest amount of energy possible, while maintaining consistently high performance. Each dust collector uses advanced technology to ensure minimal pressure drop and lower energy consumption. Our ductwork is designed to minimize energy consumption and maximize airflow. We also utilize energy management systems with automatic blast gates to reduce the overall size of the dust system required and to reduce the fan energy consumption when 100% suction is not needed.


Our Mission

Our Vision

"To work with our customers to provide safe, innovative and effective solutions for their dust and fume extraction requirements."

"Our motivated staff, backed by solid technical knowledge and experience, will provide a high level of customer service that will ensure all our customers' needs are fully met. We will continue to expand and challenge the status quo, by delivering the most innovative efficient solutions in the industry. Our commitment to honesty and integrity will give our customers peace of mind and ensure complete satisfaction."


Our Customers

Some of our customers include: